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Converge Horizons is a young and fast growing video engineering, software design and system integration company. The engineering and programming skills of its staff, the extensive live and postproduction broadcasting expertise as well as the exposure to the latest digital and PC technology are strong guarantees that the company's products and services would serve well its customers and beneficiaries.
Converge Horizons is poised to provide very advanced solutions, while technically solid, very user friendly and inovative while making them work Right, On Time, from the First Time, Every Time.
When Converge Horizons comes in, stop talking about hardware or software and start thinking about possibilities!.

Operation headquarter:

Bucharest, Calea Calarasilor 192, Bl 42


tel: +407-223-68044

Our view is that the technology is a mean and not an end. As a system integration and software development company, our purpose is to convert our know-how into your competitive edge.
It is known that on average, only a fraction of the available power and/or resources are used in most applications. It is a very important part of our development strategy to have most of the features built into our solutions, "opening up" and "coming forward" when they may be needed. Knowing well that today's most advanced solution is tomorrow's average at best, we consider time efficiency and upgradability as esssential elements in any of our products.
We believe that our customers' time is one of their most precious assets and that their requirements are very individualized and personalized. Despite the Planet Earth becoming a "global village", the world is the sum of its individuals and people are increasingly recognizing their own necessities and particularities.

The technology and mass media have come a long way to finally adjust to their clients' demand of having the latest products and services tailored to their individual needs. It is our primary goal to understand and address our customers wishes and to provide the right solution for the beneficiaries of our products and services. We work with our customers on customized solutions, helping them toward developing and exploiting new business opportunities, using advanced programming tools and the latest digital video and telecommunications technology.
Our hardware systems are technologically advanced and cost efficient. 
Our software solutions, easy to learn and very user friendly, are creative, focused, integrated and flexible.
All our solutions are time savings and fun to work with.









If you would like to contact us with questions about our products or their integration in your applications, please send an email any time to our Customer Support Team, or call us Monday to Friday, between 9:00 am to 8:00 pm EST, at +1-516-236 7733, or between 9:00 to 7:00 pm GMT+2, at +407-223-68044